Minimize Risk to Reap Big Rewards

At USA Benefits & Administrators, we help clients minimize exposure and maximize preparedness through our risk management program. Our team of subject matter experts is available for consult at any time and we have an assortment of value-added services to aid in quality and cost control.


Telemedicine is a great option for immediate access to health care 24/7, 365 days per year.  

With telemedicine, board-certified physicians provide counsel over the phone or using a secure internet connection/application. They can resolve more than 80% of primary medical conditions (such as sinus infections, poison ivy or pink eye) quickly and easily. And when needed, providers can send prescriptions directly to local pharmacies to be filled.

Care Management

When members reach the optimum level of wellness and functional capability, everyone benefits: the members being served, their support systems, the health care delivery systems and the employer. That’s why we take care management seriously at USA Benefits & Administrators. We advocate for our members and help employers manage the quality and total cost of care through:

  • Hospital precertification
  • Large case management
  • Health management
  • Disease management

HR Assistance

We understand that not all small businesses have the human resources staffing to manage the Affordable Care Act requirements. It can be a big and time-consuming job to inform and educate employees about their benefits and what they are legally obligated to do. Our human resources professionals at USA Benefits & Administrators can provide: 

  • Educational resources
  • Forms
  • Help enrolling members
  • One-on-one counsel for questions and feedback
  • Compliance and industry updates and maintenance

Data Analysis

Self-funding can be an extremely effective health care cost management solution, but it’s important to leverage group health care data in order to reap the most rewards. Data analysis can help employers better understand the usage habits of their employee populations, adjust plan services as necessary, create targeted wellness programs and, ultimately, lower the cost per insured. The plan design specialists with USA Benefits & Administrators can help employers access this vital information through their administrator portals and use it to make actionable decisions that improve ROI.

Prescription Benefits Management

USA Benefits & Administrators helps reduce prescription drug costs for employers and their employees by:

  • Offering home delivery of medications and creating select networks of more affordable pharmacies
  • Encouraging the use of generics and more affordable brand medications
  • Negotiating rebates from drug manufacturers and discounts from drugstores
  • Managing high-cost specialty medications
  • Reducing waste and improving adherence